Tour de USA Becomes Prostate Cancer Pony Express

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Prostate Cancer Pony Express 2011

Last summer’s Tour de USA® for Prostate Cancer Awareness is now the Prostate Cancer Pony Express™.  Visit the 2011 Prostate Cancer Pony Express website for information.

September 18th, 2011 is the inaugural year of the prostate cancer equivalent of Rolling Thunder, and will pay homage to the 1.2 million men who have died from prostate cancer since President Richard M. Nixon declared the “War on Cancer” in 1971.

Will you ride with me on September 18th?

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Ride With Us On August 15, 2018

The Prostate Cancer Pony Express is now part of the Tour de USA® to End Cancer. Event details are at https://TourdeUSA.Events. This year we’re riding for prostate cancer.

Ride a segment with us!

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Road Captains Wanted!

How to be a PCAP Pony Express Ride Leader

The PCAP Prostate Cancer Pony Express travels through all 50 states beginning in March 2012, and we need ride leaders for the two legs in each state. We have just 68 Ride Leader positions available.

We have one PCAP Prostate Cancer Pony Express Ride Leader in North Carolina and we now have one in Louisiana. But we need more!

Here’s how to sign up for one of these coveted positions:

1. Visit and register to be a rider. Your registration includes the necessary waiver and gives you a lifelong Prostate Cancer Pony Express rider number.

2. Visit and download the route card. The dates will remain the same but the meeting points may change.

3. Click on the following to be added to our ride information list

4. Visit our forum at and create an account

5. Please send me a short paragraph about yourself and what caused you to support our project. I plan to post this on our blog and our Facebook page so that we can begin to tell the stories around prostate cancer. [robert dot hess @29000men dot com]

6. If you use Facebook, please Like the page and and ask your friends and colleagues to do the same

7. Follow us on Twitter – PCPonyExpress

8. If you are a prostate cancer survivor, go to and tell us your story.

Dan Jester, PCAP Prostate Cancer Pony Express Rider Number 39, is the national ride coordinator.

The current ride route is posted on the ride blog at . We are still working on identifying the exact locations where the Prostate Cancer Pony Express riders will meet to transfer the saddlebags.

Thank you for volunteering to be a part of the first national prostate cancer awareness motorcycle rally.

Warm regards,

Robert Hess

Prostate Cancer Survivor, Class of 2003

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36 Hours Until the Prostate Cancer Pony Express

Our Prostate Cancer Pony Express riders coming from Florida are already on the road and Saturday will see everyone converging on the meeting place in Mt. Vernon, Virginia.

It you can’t ride with us, be at the fence in front of the White House [along Pennsylvania Avenue) at 12:15 PM and be part of our photo shoot.

If you do, you’ll be part of history.

Follow our ride to Mt. Vernon at

Just another day in Paradise. Warm regards, Robert

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Prostate Cancer Pony Express 2011

Will You Ride with Me on September 10th?

Most of you following this blog are motorcycle enthusiasts and some of you rode with me last summer on the inaugural Tour de USA.

Beginning in 2011, our prostate cancer motorcycle awareness rides will be “Prostate Cancer Pony Express” rides, part of the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project’s Black Tire Affair® two-wheel event series.

On September 10th, 2011, I will ride from Fairfax, Virginia to Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, in conjunction with the annual prostate cancer awareness program for the incoming Congress.

Why the Prostate Cancer Pony Express™ to Capitol Hill?

Prostate cancer remains a largely unrecognized epidemic in the United States.  There are more new cases of prostate cancer each year than breast cancer, but men’s natural reluctance to talk about the disease lessens the public focus on the disease and, as a result, limits funding for prostate cancer research.

Each September, in conjunction with the return of Congress to Washington, DC after their summer recess, the prostate cancer advocacy groups hold a series of meetings with Congressional members and staff to raise awareness about prostate cancer.

The most compelling way to carry the message is to have as many prostate cancer survivors present as possible, and the Prostate Cancer Pony Express™ can help make this happen.

Moreover, the ride will highlight the importance of knowing the symptoms of prostate cancer and the role and meaning of PSA levels.

How Do You Participate?

You can ride as a participant, contribute as a donor and fundraiser, or both.

Initial event information is available on the Internet at Registration will be open in early March.

To be added to the information list, just send your name to

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New Year Resolutions. Come and Get ‘Um

How Many Resolutions Did You Make? [And which are the most important?]

I have about four pages worth of resolutions covering all the various aspects of my business and personal life.  Just looking at everything I wrote down is sort of mind boggling.

In reality, my resolutions really are noting more than a lengthy list of things I would like to do during 2011.  And it always seems that life gets in the road.

Tops on my list, though, are finishing my book about last summer’s Tour de USA for prostate cancer awareness, training for the Ride of the Immortals at the end of August, and getting the inaugural Prostate Cancer Pony Express organized.

And, of course, getting my weight back down to my ideal climbing weight of 146 pounds.

Losing this weight fits in nicely with my prostate cancer survivor battle plan, since diet and nutrition are implicated as a causal factor in over 30 percent of all cancers.  I expect this to be a major challenge since one of my daughters has finished college and moved back home temporarily.

Having her home is great, but having lots of ‘kid food’ around comes with the package, and that spells trouble.

Can You Believe How Cheap Broccoli Is? [In calories, that is.]

I was reading a book on cycling on the plane today (How to Ride Until You are 100), and one of the facts in the nutrition section was that 8 oz of broccoli has 65 calories, while the same 8 oz of chocolate cookies contained 1,035.  Good grief!

So, my mission is clear; find a means of staying clear of the junk food while creating tasty, healthy (and satisfying) meals that I like.

Stayed tuned for the recipes I discover and even post your own.

Mustard greens anyone?

Warm regards, Robert

PS:  As of 1/6/2011: 154 lb, 5’ 10”. still a cheese lover.


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Happy Holidays to All – Got PSA?

Thank You for Your Support and Input this Past Year

Our thanks to the many hundreds of you who are visiting this blog.  I hope that it has provided some useful information and possibly some inspiration.

2010 was a great year for the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project, with the completion of the trans-America Tour de USA 2010 for Prostate Cancer Awareness that generated two state prostate cancer proclamations and reached just over 6 million people with the all-important early detection message.

We also launched our vehicle donation program [] that we hope will play a key role in funding our awareness programs.

Prostate Cancer Pony Express Begins in 2011

For you motorcycle enthusiasts – and car enthusiasts, also – September 2011 marks the inaugural Prostate Cancer Pony Express ride to Capitol Hill in Washington, DC to highlight to our Congress the full scope of the prostate cancer epidemic.

We hope you will be part of this first Prostate Cancer Pony Express event. Visit and click on the Black Tire Affairs tab to follow developments.

Message to Survivors and Family

As a 7 year prostate cancer survivor, I’m painfully aware of the psychological tension that all cancer survivors and their families deal with constantly, and I extend my best wishes to all for a joyous holiday season.

New Year’s Resolution – Got PSA?

As 2011 prepares to unfold, the first (of many) New Year’s resolutions is to make certain that I ask as many men as possible, “Got PSA?”  I plan to do that by creating a monthly “Got PSA? day.”  I hope you will join me in growing this program.

Warm Regards,  Robert

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