Out, Out Damn Spot! Not Really.

Find Me Spot

If you were one of the hundreds of people following my progress across the US, you were following the signals from my Spot Tracker.

This was a great little device and I wouldn’t leave home without it again.  In fact, I’m going to have my kids carry one when the take long trips.

I lost Spot I when he flew off the back of the bike in my rain jacket just north of Vicksburg, Mississippi.

I bought a replacement at Best Buy in Little Rock, Arkansas, and it worked like a champ until it inexplicably stopped working the morning of the last day as I departed Indian Wells, California.

Spot ll

What I liked About Spot

Just about everything.  It was small and easy to use and I could easily create a custom Internet page to track my progress.

When I stopped for too long during the day, I received a call from family or friends asking is all was well.

How Best to Use Spot

Battery Changes

The batteries lasted for about 10 hours of continuous operation using the function that sent a location signal every 10 minutes.  So test your unit in advance to determine it’s operating time and plan on changing batteries at that frequency.

In Your Pocket or on the Bike?

The emergency function is one of Spot’s key functions so I kept it in my pocket where I could reach it.

The only problem was that I often forgot to turn it off in the evening which, of course, tends to shorten battery life.


All in all, this was a great little device and I plan on using it routinely in the future in prostate cancer awareness events, both motorcycling and bicycling.

You can follow our prostate cancer awareness adventures at our PC Awareness Guy website.  I’ll be using Spot on my awareness process and hopefully we can connect.


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One Response to Out, Out Damn Spot! Not Really.

  1. Sounds good. 10 hours for battery is just fine i think.

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