Zumo, Zumo. My Kingdom for a Zumo 660?

I could not have done the ride without it. But. . .

I bought my Zumo 660 from my local Harley-Davidson dealer and had the dealer install and test it.  I’m somewhat mechanically included, but not that much.

It took Bartels HD about two hours to install the system and the electrical system and connections worked flawlessly throughout the 48 days and 8,572.9 miles of the trip.

My 660 is definitely part of my “must have” trip gear.  The picture below shows the distance from my house to the 2011 Prostate Cancer Awareness event city – Montrose, Colorado.  I’ve set it to read in kilometers because, for some odd reason, it is easier to me to judge distances to the next turn.

My Road-tested Road Tech, Set for Durango in July 2011

I think It’s Waterproof

It only rained on my 5 days out of the 48, but one of those days was 2.5 hours and 97 miles right through the worst of tropical storm Hermine as it went through central Texas.

I kept the unit in the mount because it was raining so heavily I was afraid of removing it and installing the cover.

I installed the cover after I pulled off and the hotel and Dave sat in blowing rain for 21 hours.  When I finally set out again, the zumo worked without a hitch.

Learning to Skate in Sturgis

The unit took it’s only real hit during the trip when I was in Sturgis.  I started home to Spearfish one afternoon and the unit was not fully seated.  It popped out of the mount, hit the road, and slid for a good 25 feet.

I retrieved it from the gutter, amid much snickering from the other Harley riders, and it was chugging right along.  The casing got a bit scratched, but no damage to the screen.  That was a nice bit of luck.

Screen Sensitivity needs Some Help

My only real issue with this unit is the screen sensitivity.  About 20% of the time I need to press a key twice (even with bare fingers) to have it register.  If you aren’t watching carefully, you’ll miss a letter and be forced to backspace to the error and begin again.

For some reason, the erase and backspace buttons kept getting confused with the button directly below them.  Making that top button row taller might help this.

Confusion Reigns Supreme

The zumo was invaluable navigating urban areas, especially getting to the state capitols, and I just could not have done the trip that without.

It did, however, have it moments.  It got completed confused in Deadwood, South Dakota and just could not figure out how to get to Spearfish without going through Rapid City.

The same thing happened heading out of Little Rock headed for Texarkana, and once again in Indio, California.

I guess that isn’t such a bad record,  but someone we always expect perfection.

Getting to HOG Heaven

One of my trip objectives was connecting with Harley dealers to generate interest in creating local September prostate cancer awareness rides.  Here, the Harley version of the 660 was invaluable.

Buying the Harley version of the 660 meant that all the Harley dealer locations were already in the unit.  When my schedule gave me time to stop, I just hit the “Harley” logo on the “Where To” screen and I had a list of all nearby Harley dealerships.

Montrose in July 2011

Join us next summer in Montrose even if you don’t have a motorcycle.  Just throw your gear in your car, RV, or whatever.

Warm regards,  Robert


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