Phoenix – The Apache Trail and The Superstition Mountains

Lost Goldmine and Rattlesnakes

My impression of Arizona has always been heat, desert, and dry, hot winds.  Phoenix and Arizona have all of those, but also some very beautiful and historic scenery.

We started early this morning, 7:00 a.m., and left Mesa, Arizona to drive the scenic Apache Trail.

The first stop along the trail was Tortilla Flat, where we ran into a friendly group of motorcyclists.  The bar stools in the restaurant are genuine saddles, but if you stay too long you might wind up walking like a real cowboy.

Cowboy in Training

Sunday Morning, Tortilla Flat on the Apache Trail

The Apache Trail – Trucks are Better Than Motorcycles

We began at Apache Junction and followed the 22 miles of the dirt, mostly single lane road through the canyons to the intersection of state highway 188, and then back to Phoenix via state highway 87.

One lane. It's less nerve racking driving on the side toward the canyon wall.

Along the canyon bottom

But, there's always an intrepid motorcyclist. But no Harleys.

An Afternoon Snooze

We rounded a curve and surprised a rattlesnake taking a late morning siesta in the middle of the road.  You should be able to spot him in the picture.

Siesta Interrupted!

Superstition Mountains

The trail runs north of the Superstition Mountains, with its legend of the Lost Dutchman mine.  There are lots of hiking trails through the region, and people are still losing their lives looking for the Dutchman’s mine, like the three “Easterners” currently missing in the Superstitions for 10 days.

Next Stop, Arizona State Capitol

The family time here in Phoenix is over.  Tomorrow morning it’s the state capitol in Phoenix and then on to Indian Wells.

Ride with Me on September 13 to Indian Wells

Anyone wanting to ride along can text me a 310 (dash) 947 (dash) 1910 to set a meeting time and place.  My route for September 13 is  You can see my position live at

Tour de USA 2010 Final Segment is Wednesday, September 15

The last segment is Wednesday, September 15, from Indian Wells to Manhattan Beach, via Highway 74 through Lake Elsinore and San Juan Capistrano, and up PCH to Manhattan Beach.

The route of march is

Warm regards,  Robert


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One Response to Phoenix – The Apache Trail and The Superstition Mountains

  1. Michael B Allmon says:

    nice diamond back… not sure that its asleep though- they usually do that at night when its much cooler and their blood cools them down so much that they can hardly move (at least thats what my experience has been). that one’s rattles look like it has shedded recently- are you bringing it home in your saddlebags?!

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