Orange Gumby Hits the Road

Orange Gumby Hits the Road From Austin

I had a choice of  cutting short the Labor Day stay in Austin or taking a chance on the arrival time of the Hermine’s rains.  I choose the latter and had another opportunity to test my rain gear and riding skills.

Austin; Music Capital of the World

Hotel Driskill Bar

If you visit Austin, stay at the Driskill, or at least have a drink in the bar.  It’s real history.

Hello Hermine

The first of the rain arrived at 1:15 am this morning – yup, it woke me up – and by 6:30 am it was coming down steadily.

After coffee and breakfast, I loaded Dave, with everything in my luggage and saddlebags in black plastic trash bags.  I looked like and orange Gumby, but I’m certainly visible.

Mounting the sign

Ready to launch - just light drizzle

Riding the I-35 in the Rain

By the time I left, the weather report was calling for possible flash flooding in the Hill Country to I took the I-35 south and connected with the I-10 north of San Antonio.

Riding the interstate in that much rain was really a challenge.  The speed limit is 70 mph, and even in the heavy rain only a few of us were traveling slower than that.  To maximize my visibility, I set my rear turn signals to flash and motored on at 55 mph.

The rain was so heavy that I could not keep my face shield down because I could not see through the rain drops on the face shield and the windshield at the same time.

I did discover, however, that if I sat erect with my eyes just an inch over the top of the windshield, that I was in a sort of ‘quiet zone,’ where I could see pretty well – up to about 55 mph.

I managed to do this for about 97 miles but at Boerne it was simply too heavy.

Javelina Harley-Davidson

I spotted the sign for Javelina HD and popped in there for a cup of coffee and to talk to the GM about creating a prostate cancer awareness ride.  He was a great guy and I’ll post the picture as soon as I can snag another sync cable for my iPhone.  It was raining too heavily to take a shot with my camera.

Javelina HD, Boerne, TX

Funny Signs Along the Road

Riding along with water in my boots, I passed signs pointing to ‘Recreational Water Sports Areas’ and Seaworld San Antonio.  Maybe another time:-)

A Patch of Blue

I caught a brief glimpse of blue about 5:30 pm, so I’m hoping I can get going again tomorrow morning.

Warm regards to all.


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One Response to Orange Gumby Hits the Road

  1. Michael B Allmon says:

    glad you got to one of my recommended hotels!! and your experience is so far more advanced than i am… keep up the safe ride and see you soon

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