Riding the National Road

Riding Route 40 – The National Road

When I visited the state capitol in Indianapolis, I saw a reference to the “National Road,” which turned out to be Route 40.  If you’re a history buff or simply curious, simply click this link.

Yesterday afternoon I rode across the 170 year old suspension bridge to Wheeling Island, which was a bit of a thrill – 300 meters on a steel grate with Dave.

Wheeling to Harrisburg

This morning,  I rode the I-70 Interstate from Wheeling, WV into Pennsylvania where the Pennsylvania Turnpike begins.  Instead of the Turnpike, though, I took Highways 31 and 30, which generally parallel the Turnpike, into Cumberland and on into Carlisle, which is just south of Harrisburg on Route 11.

Route 40 - The National Road - Parallel to I-70

This route took me through Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands, which were beautiful, despite the overcast and light rain.  My camera batteries died so I don’t have many pictures.

The other great thing about Route 40 (and 31 and 30) is the almost complete lack of trucks; all of that traffic has moved to the Turnpike.  So, an easy day loafing along at 55, and then up and down the “twisties” crossing the Highlands.

Route 31 - Lurel Highlands

Appalachian Harley-Davidson

On my way to dinner, I saw perhaps the most unusual and beautiful Harley-Davidson dealership I have ever seen.

I popped in and was fortunate to meet owner/president Bryan Perry.  Bryan and his wife designed the dealership, which is the largest HD franchise in Pennsylvania. (Bryan gave me fresh batteries, which is why I have photos).

Prostate Cancer Touches Almost Everyone

I presented Bryan with a commemorative Tour de USA patch and gave him my pitch about talking to his H.O.G. chapter about prostate cancer.  Bryan told me that their chapter chaplain died from prostate cancer this past May.

Bryan Perry (right) and Me

If you live in the Harrisburg area, join this Saturday’s poker run (10 am at Appalachian HD) in memory of Jeff Conway.

"Dave" at Appalachian HD

Are You Good News or Bad News?

The bad  news is that prostate cancer is the most common male cancer and strikes over 200,000 men each year.

The goods news is that only one in six men will get prostate cancer and only 15% of prostate cancers are the fast growing, aggressive variety.

The bad news is that only 54% of at risk men test annually and very few of them track the trend of their results.

The goods news is that prostate cancer is highly treatable if caught early.

But, the only way to catch it early is to have a baseline number and track any changes from year to year.  Are you tracking your PSA results annually?  Are you doing it yourself?

How to Get Your Very Own PSA Tracker

Just go to the PSA Tracker tab at 29000Men.org and download and print your very own copy.  Then, fill in your last three test values, connect the dots, and look at the trend.  If it’s up, contact your doctor.

Warm regards, Robert

Hi BC.


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