Seeing is Believing

Why Seeing is Believing

We all process huge quantities of information every day.  That information relates to the business or profession we work in and our personal lives, such as investment information, financial obligations, our children’s school performance, and even how well our favorite sports teams are doing.

To make sense of all of this information, we generally organize it in some fashion so that we can see what is happening over time.

With our children, for example, we look at their current grades and combine them with past performance to come up with that all-important grade point average.

How The Prostate Cancer PSA Tracker Saves Lives

We created the PSA Tracker as an easy trend visualization tool to reduce men’s risk of receiving a surprise metastatic prostate cancer diagnosis.

It’s a very simple device and can be downloaded from the “PSA Tracker” tab at our home website,  The PSA Tracker is a simple matrix that holds date and total and Free PSA values.

Once the annual PSA values are entered, simply connect the dots.  If the trend line is up, its time to talk with a doctor.  If the total value changes more than .75 from one year to the next, this is of immediate concern.

The Free PSA should be equal to or greater than the total PSA number.  For example, with a total PSA of 2.0, the Free should value should be .50 or greater.  Again, if the Free to total PSA ratio is less than .25, it’s time for a conversation with an urologist.

Why People Seem to “Get” the Data Visualization of the PSA Tracker

I’ve had dozens and dozens of conversation with men and women since I started this trip and they almost invariably are theoretical until I pull out the PSA Tracker and show them the simple matrix.  Once I do that, they instantly see what they need to do and the danger signal they need to watch for.

Janice and Phil, Wenoa, Illinois

How You Can Make a Difference

Visit our website and print some copies of the PSA Tracker.  Enter your data in one and give the others to the men in your network 35 and older.  It gets posted on the refrigerator door!

Warm regards,  Robert


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