Tour de USA – August 14, 380,000 and Counting

“V” for Victory

I must say that most people are very friendly if you can find a way to connect with them, and I was searching for a way to get people to notice the sign on the back of the bike.

As I noted earlier, I’ve begun to use a “V” hand signal as each car overtakes me and about 65% of the time I get a response, which I think is pretty darn good.  At least I know that it causes everyone to look at the prostate cancer awareness sign on the bike.

So, Just How Many People Have Seen Our Prostate Cancer Message Since

The "Yard" at the Iron Horse

Channel 58 (CBS) Camera Crew, Iron Horse Hotel

State Capitol, Madison, WI, with Steve, Just Diagnosed by PCa - Age 46

Los Angeles?

I’ve been wondering about that myself, so I’ve started to do a little bit of math.  I usually drive the speed limit and most drivers slightly exceed the speed limit, which means that traffic constantly passes me.

My schedule forces me to ride mostly on interstates where the bulk of the inter-state traffic moves.  Averaging the 6 vehicles per mile that overtake me on the interstate with much higher density of cars in major urban areas, I’m using an average of 10 cars per mile.

Multiplying the mileage I’ve covered thus far, 3,247, by this factor produces 32,247 direct interactions.  Applying a conservative network effect – the friends and colleagues that each of those people would tell about “the prostate cancer guy on the motorcycle” – of 10, we get 322,470.

To this I add the people that the TV segments in Los Angeles (CBS) , Fresno (NBC), Caper, WY (NBC and ABC), Sioux Falls, SD (NBC), and Milwaukee, WI (CBS).

It’s tough to calculate exactly how many people viewed these broadcast segments or the Internet version, but using an exposure of 5,000 per events – which seems pretty conservative – produces an additional 60,000 impressions, bringing my total prostate cancer awareness exposure to date to approximately 380,000 people.

Target Goal is 5,000,000 Direct Impressions

I’m about a third of the way through the trip, with the major urban areas yet to come, and I’m confident we will hit or exceed this target, especially since national prostate cancer awareness month – September – on just two weeks away.

The Iron Horse Hotel, Milwaukee

This is a terrific hotel and I will do a separate post on it later.  The owners gave me a very, very special rate to allow me to stay here.  It is a beautiful property, well worth a visit and a stay.  The Iron Horse shows you what a boutique hotel can really be.

Plus, “Dave” is parked right out front in the covered motorcycle parking area under the watchful eyes of the staff.  Very nice!

My track cycling friend Jon Fraley and his lovely girlfriend Laura stopped by the Iron Horse for a beer and we talked until 12:30 am.  Great fun, but I’m running behind this am.

Time to pack and get on the road the Springfield.  The weather looks pretty good again.


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