So That’s the Aroma of Roasted Grasshopper

It Sounded a Bit Like Hail

Another beautiful high plains ride from Sturgis to the state capital at Pierre.

The first hour was along the I 90, until I transitioned to Highway 14, which is the more direct route to the capital.

This was another beautiful day.  Highway 14 carries very little traffic and the projected thunderstorms and rain never materialized.

I departed Spearfish just after 8 am and the winds stayed calm until about 10 am, when they began bouncing us around just a bit.

About halfway to Pierre we ran through a section filled with grasshoppers.  I could feel them hitting my chaps and gloves, and hear them bouncing off the windshield – a good reason not to worry about the cool factor.

The locals told me that high number of insects is due to that abnormally high level of rain the region has received over the past several months.

This guy held on for 50 miles

A lot of little cricket bodies got jammed into various engine parts and the air-

Dave is all Clean - thanks Days Inn for the Cleanup Gear

cooled Harley gets pretty toasty when it stationary and idling (especially when the ambient temperature is about 100 degrees), making for a strange aroma when I stopped.

Clean Up Time

I stopped at the Pierre Days Inn on West Sioux Avenue in Pierre.  This is a great little motel and the management team works really hard to make everything as perfect as it can be for the price.  Two thumbs up from this traveler.


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One Response to So That’s the Aroma of Roasted Grasshopper

  1. Dan says:

    That’s funny.

    Your hanger-on is the “Differential grasshopper”, Melanoplus differentialis.

    I was in the area around the same time. Actually, we are lucky that it rained – they built up during the last two years, and would have been even worse if it had remained dry.

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