PLU Codes – Organic or Genetically Modified?

Do you ever wonder about the meaning of those annoying (at least to me they are) little stickers we find on our produce? Well, here’s some interesting information, especially if you are trying to eat organically or simply trying to avoid “engineered” food.

PLU stands for “Price Look Up” standards, which are published by the International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS) Board of Directors. You can find the full directory at

What can be really important is the first digit, if the PLU code sticker on your produce contains five (5) digits. If it has only four (4) digits, it is “normally grown,” whatever that means in the country of origin.

If the first digit of a five (5) digit code is “9,” the produce is organically grown – again, meaning whatever standard that entails in the country of production.

But, if the first digit of a five (5) digit code is “8,” it means that the produce is genetically modified. Caveat emptor.


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