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This blog will chronicle my journey through life with prostate cancer as my wingman. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December 2002, and underwent radical prostatectomy in May 2003. Since then, I have continued my business life and created a small non-profit, the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project, to get men to test annually. The past five years have been interesting ones, and I have decided to create this blog to post my thoughts for those that are following in my footsteps and those of the men who have preceded me. The blog name, 29,000 Men, refers to the approximate number of men that die each year in the United States from prostate cancer. I look forward to engaging with you.


About The Success Architect®️

Business Owner | Business Advisor | Cancer survivor, Class of 2003 | Founder and President of the Cancer Journeys Foundation | Founder of the Tour de USA®️ to End Cancer | Founder and CEO of The Success Foundry | Best Selling Author | Speaker | Senior Fellow @ the Center for the Digital Future USC Annenberg School |Business Coach Founder, CEO of TSG Inc | Founder and Partner of InterSpaceLA | Thought Partner | Founder of Pony Express Riders | Autocrosser | Motorcycle Rider | Bicycle Racer | USA Cycling Coach | Retired career Army officer | Prostate Cancer Advocate | Find me at
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